Friday, April 8, 2011

SOURCE 2011 - Tuesday, April 12

Mark you calendars for the upcoming SOURCE event
this coming Tuesday, April 12. Convocation create for "intellectual development" available.

Welcome Reception - 12:15 pm (Belk Centrum)
Keynote Speaker  - 1:00 pm (Belk Centrum)
Plastic Bee Brains |
Dr. Susan Fahrbach
Reynolds Professor of Developmental Neuroscience
Wake Forest University

Student Session One 2:15-3:15 

  • Natural Sciences 1, Rhyne 149 (Convocation Category: Intellectual Development)
  • Jordan Rockensuess, “Analysis of Antioxidants in Wines, Teas and Spices”
  • Rebecca K. Smith, “Deuterium Isotope Effect on the Rate of Reduction by Yeast Alcohol Dehydrogenase”
  • Morris Patton, “Using the Design of Experiments (DOE) Technique to Optimize Pharmaceutical Tablet Fomulations – A Study of Aspirin Drug Product Formulation”
  • Literature and History, Rhyne 249 (Convocation Category: Intellectual Development or Cultural Development)
  • Anne-Marie Bangs, “The Impact of Translation on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”
  • Jeremy Ard, “Echoes of Justice: The Justice of God against Imperial Ritual and Myth in Romans 1:18-32”
  • Colin Corpe, “Socialism is the Best Medicine: Wilde’s Socio-Political Ideal in The Importance of Being Ernest”
  • Christopher Scott Teague, “Is the Internment of Japanese Americans Properly Represented in High School and College Classrooms?”
  • Creative Expression 1, Music Recital Hall (Convocation Category: Intellectual Development or Creative Development/Expression)
  • Julia Byrd, “What is a Musical Masterpiece?”
  • Julian Phelps, Youth These Days
  • Valerie Frank, QED: A Ten-Minute Play
  • Honors Thesis Competition Session 1, Belk Centrum (Convocation Category: Intellectual Development)
  • Sarah Embry, "The Marriage of Luther and Blake: Divine Love, Vision, and the Theology of the Cross"
  • Jennifer Lawing, “Identifying Qualities Which May Forecast Physical Violence in Acute Care Mental Health Inpatients”
  • Sarah Estridge, “The Comparison of Hemoglobin AIC Scores in Type ii Diabetic Clients”
  • Lucas Carnohan, “Effects of Temperature and Substrate Color on the Growth and Color Morphology of the Chinese Praying Mantis (Tenodera ardifolia sinesis S.)”
  • Mallory Lowder, “A Comparison of the Efficacy of the Earthworm Eisenia fetida S. and a Locally Collected Earthworm, Lumbricus rebellus H. on the Rate of Decomposition of Leaf Litter”
Student Session Two: 3:30-4:30
  • Natural Sciences 2, Rhyne 149 (Convocation Category: Intellectual Development)
  • Brian Sullivan, “Effects of Caffeine on Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Development: Growth Rate, Heart Rate, and Motor Function”
  • Amanda Withers, “The Effect of Compost Age on Germination and Growth Rate of Clemson Spineless Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus)”
  • Christopher B. Gilbert, “An Investigation into a Pressurized Water Projectile”
  • Satire and Reality of Islamaphobia, Rhyne 249 (Convocation Category: Intellectual or Cultural Development)
  • A roundtable presentation/discussion by David Hennig, Skye Sessions, and Jordan White
  • Creative Expression 2, Music Recital Hall (Convocation Category: Intellectual Development or Creative Development/Expression
  • Randi Duplantis, Michelle Sapanaro, Charity Simmons, and Hannah Simmons, “Loving Love, Ruby Lavender”
  • Stepfanie Gaither, Talking of Michelangelo: A Ten-Minute Play
  • Corey S. Cavenaugh, Prayers to Tommy
  • Honors Thesis Competition Session 2, Belk Centrum (Convocation Category: Intellectual Development or Cultural Development)
  • James E. Crapps, Jr., “Going Beyond Design”
  • Henry Michaels, “The Unanswered Questions? Why Musicians are Drawn to a Life in Music”
  • Emily S. Annas, “Lived Experience of the Participant in the Breast Health Navigation Program”
  • Lauren Triplette Hutto, “An Investigation of Intubation as a Risk for MRSA Infection among NICU Patients”
  • Madison Holloway, “A Nutritional Comparison of Chia Seeds Salvia hispanica and Acorns of Northern Red Oak Quercas rubra: The Future of Functional Foods” 
Student Session Three 4:45-5:45

  • Natural Sciences 3, Rhyne 149 (Convocation Category: Intellectual Development)
  • Kenny Vilagos, “Dormitory Energy Use and Waste Generation”
  • Tim Johnson, Ben Maguire, Andrew Golden, and Rachel Hoover, “Beach Dynamics in the British Virgin Islands”
  • Lucas Carnohan, Brittany Oxford, La Wu, and Heather Sackett, “A Year to Year Comparison of the Water Quality of the British Virgin Island Bays”
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences, Rhyne 249 (Convocation Category: Intellectual or Cultural Development)
  • DeondrĂ¡ Newell, “Coming Out: The Impact of Age in Regards to Behavior”
  • Jessica Frisina, “Perceptions of and Explanations for Infidelity”
  • Kyle May, “Healthcare Reform: How Will it Affect Catawba County and North Carolina?”
  • Creative Expression 3, Music Recital Hall (Convocation Category: Intellectual Development or Creative Development/Expression)
  • Stories, Poems, and Photography Appearing in Cantos 2011, Read or Presented by the Contributors
  • Honors Thesis Competition Session 3, Belk Centrum (Convocation Category: Intellectual Development)
  • Joshua Aaron Poole, “The U-2 Affair: Refreezing the Cold War?”
  • Leah Ballard, “Preferred Education of CHF Patients”
  • Summer S. Gosnell, “Relationship Between Neonate Apgar Scores & Maternal Analgesics”
  • Haley Suttles, “Outcome of Clients with Sepsis in a Local Emergency Department”
  • Elisabeth M. Campbell, “Extracts on Percent Germination and Radical Lengths of Lettuce Seeds (Latuca sativa)”
Posters Available for viewing in the Belk Centrum Lobby, from 12:15 to 4:45
  • Jennifer Martin, “Attitudes towards Tattoos: Does Gender Matter?”
  • Rachel Chapman, “The Eating Behaviors of Students at Lenoir-Rhyne University”
  • Stephanie Watts, “Looking Past the Disability”
  • Von Carmack and Jason Lazo, “Lacrosse and Nutrition”
  • Dustin Absher and Dewayne N. Jones, “Analysis and Application of Nutrition for Men’s Soccer at Lenoir-Rhyne University”
  • Robert Knight, “Static Electricity Effects of Nitrogen Fixation on Wisconsin Fast Plants Growth”

Nursing Professor Presents Poster and Writes Book Chapter!

Congratulations to Dr. Judy Hilton, who presented a poster at the 19th Annual Congress: Women's Health 2011 in Washington, D.C., April 1-3. The name of the poster was "Folic Acid Awareness and Intake Among Young Women Aged 18-24 years".

Dr. Judy Hilton also wrote the chapter entitled "Normal Postpartem Care" for Maternal Newborn Nusing Care Plans, 2nd ed. Jones and Bartlett Learning, recently published.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Youthful Voices to Perform Classics at Spring Concert

The Lenoir-Rhyne Youth Chorus, under the direction of founder and conductor Florence Jowers, will perform their annual Spring Concert at Corinth Reformed Church on Palm Sunday afternoon, April 17th, at 3:30 p.m. The concert is free and open to the public. A free-will offering will be taken to help with tour expenses.

The more than 100 singers will perform favorites such as “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” with a jazz twist and “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” as well as many nature-themed pieces. Pianist Freda Herrell will accompany them. Repertoire is chosen from classical, folk, world music, spirituals, and contemporary pieces with texts that are worthy of memory.

Four seniors will be honored at this concert: Mary Grace Sheets from Newton-Conover High School; Katie Keyes, Emily Byrd and Mary Kathryn Kuehnert, homeschooled singers.

The tour choir from this chorus sang last summer in a concert in Carnegie Hall, New York City. The chorus has also traveled extensively in the southeast, and will perform in Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina in May of this year.

For more information or to schedule an audition, contact Jowers at 828-328-7195.

Monday, April 4, 2011

SGA Winners Announced!

Lenoir-Rhyne is proud to announce the winners of the election for 2011-2012 Student Government Association Executive Officers.
President:           Bart Keeler
Vice President:   Rosa Reyes
Secretary:           Joshua Mackey
Treasurer:           Megan Neubauer
Chief Justice:
      Clifton Garmon